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"My Dad is Grrrrreat"
Five Paws Up !!
October 2010
"As an interior designer, I depend on contractors that are knowledgeable, reliable, tenacious and creative. Gordon surpasses my expectations on every job. He tackles each request with a strong work ethic and unmatched skill level. His knowledge of building code assures a trust that work is always completed without shortcuts."
Debbie Eaton - Designer
FAUX - The Decorative Painter    
June 2009
"I had the privilege and the opportunity to have Gordon as a member of my homebuilding staff during his years at SunCor. Gordon has an exceptional gift for detail and technical construction oversight. He knows building codes better than any inspector I have ever met. He is loyal, dependable and consistent in his work.
I highly recommend him for any kind of construction position where a high level of knowledge about construction techniques and methodologies would contribute to your organization."
Duane S. Black
Executive Vice President & C.O.O.
SunCor Development
November 2009
"Gordon's detailed knowledge of residential construction, collected as a result of nearly 30 years of practical experience plus numerous educational and professional development programs, is exceptional. Gordon's vast knowledge of sound construction practices is clearly demonstrated in the multitude of Quality Assurance Technical Bulletins he has issued. His ability to work without supervision as well as to lead and manage a diverse workforce is unquestioned.
Among his many attributes, I find Gordon to be extremely dependable, scrupulously honest, completely loyal and totally motivated to achieve his job-related goals and objectives."
Jack B. ReVelle, Ph.D.
ReVelle Solutions, LLC
Consulting Statistician & Author
June 2008
"I have known Gordon to be a dedicated employee with a strong work ethic and an eye for detail. He possesses a solid knowledge and background in residential construction, building code compliance, OSHA regulations and environmental issues. His knowledge of building systems, applications and best practices were invaluable to the company. He could always be counted on for accurate direction with difficult  technical questions and was always timely with his help."
Blair Aston
Construction Manager
SunCor Development
Golden Heritage Homes
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